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URUMAYA : Before it becomes KARUMAYA for small-holder farmers in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan government’s “URUMAYA” program, aimed at providing freehold land titles to two million farmers and individuals utilizing lands on permits and conditional grants , has sparked both hope and concern among stakeholders. While the initiative promises to empower farmers and secure their land rights, some potential risks and challenges must be addressed to

Condemnation of Sri Lanka Government’s Decision to Export Farm Workers to Israel Amid Escalating Gaza Conflict

Movement for Land and Agricultural Reform (MONLAR), expressing our deep concern and condemnation regarding the recent decision of the Sri Lanka government to export 10,000 farm workers to Israel. This decision, taken at a time when the conflict between Israel and Gaza has escalated, resulting in the tragic loss of innocent lives, including children and

MONLAR lashes out at Wildlife Dept. for failure to protect elephants

The Department of Wildlife has given up efforts to protect elephants in the country, Sajeewa Chamikara of the Movement for Land and Agricultural Reform (MONLAR) has said. Addressing a gathering at the launch of his book, Sanwardana Jawaramen bihikala Ali minis getuma (The Human-Elephant Conflict: A Creation of the Development Racket), on Wednesday, Chamikara said

Stop Whitewashing Criminal Agri-Corporate Empires, IMF, WB, and WTO; It’s time for a People’s Food System!

As the Sri Lankan government is on the path to bail out everyone, but the people it’s responsible to serve from the disastrous debt crisis, the people are suffering from the devastating consequences of the austerity-driven fiscal policies of this meticulously orchestrated attack. The most marginalized people and communities, like Smallholder Food Producers and the

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