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    National Movement Against Poisons

    "The National Movement Against Poison held a People's Tribunal, on transnational agrochemical companies on 22 September which saw the participation of a large number of representatives from Farmer Associations. During the tribunal what emerged was that women, as usual, face the more adverse and complicated negative effects from the flooding of agrochemicals into our agriculture. The narratives of three female activists – Renuka Badrakanthi, Women Development Federation, Ratnapura, Chandra Hewagalle, researcher and KP Somalatha, Uva-Wellasa Women's Rights Association, Wellawaya in the Moneragala District illustrated these issues. It highlights the need to make a paradigm shift in the way we practice agriculture

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    Peoples Caravan for Food Sovereignty

    People's Caravan for Food Sovereignty - Sri Lanka is an annual event organized by Movement for Land and Agricultural Reform in Sri Lanka in parallel to the World Food Day on October 16.
    The movement which comprises of farmers, fishers, labors, women, consumers and their organizations and individuals organizes series of events such as meetings, discussions, seminars, protests, people's tribunals etc. throughout Sri Lanka.
    These events highlight and emphasis the need to ensure the rights of the people to natural resources like land, water and seeds that directly affect the food sovereignty of the people.

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    People's Movement for Plantation Community Land Rights

    Plantation workers have not yet received the honorable citizenship of Sri Lanka even after 200 years. Still they are considered as second class citizens, as a reason of they do not claim right to land and shelter. Therefore we demand the Sri Lankan government to provide land rights to these communities

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    People’s Alliance for Right to Land - PARL

    The Sri Lankan government has launched an ambitious program of physical infrastructure development to completely upgrade the sea, air, road, power and telecom backbone of the country. Nagenahira Udanaya, Uthuru Wasanthaya, Sancharaka Udanaya are some of them.
    People’s Alliance for Right to Land (PARL) as an organization which is taking its noble effort on sustainable development and environmental ethics has been identified several environmental and sustainable development related issues of the country with hindered the impact of the development for the general public of the country. It has identified the land grabbing issues as one of the major issues which are violating the right of people to utilize the land resources while contributing for the national agricultural production of the country.
    Mean time it received chance to discuss with OXFAM Australia in this regards. As an organization working for the sustainable development, it was generously supported us to make the effort of further studying the selected land grabbing issues in to success. With that support PARL could further study 25 selected issues among the already identified issues and analyzed them.
    This web site will be a good resource material for the people who are interested on the issue and the future studies. This will help to enhance the consensuses on land grabbing among the general public, government, non government and public sector

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    Justice to Paanama .

    Farmers and fisherfolk have lived on their land in Paanama village, Sri Lanka for generations – until they were forcibly evicted by the military overnight in 2010. The land they used to grow crops on is now being retained by the government to be used for tourist hotels. After years of protesting, the government decided in 2015 that the land would be returned to the community – but it has not yet kept this promise. We need to stand with the community of Paanama to make sure their lands are returned. We urge you to join this collective voice in calling for justice for Paanama.

    350 families of farmers and fisherfolk have been forced off their land in Sri Lanka to make way for luxury hotels since 2010. Act now to join their fight for land rights

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