Peoples Convention for Land Rights

The Citizens Conference on Land Rights, organized by MONLAR and the law and Society Trust was held on 23 and 24 August 2017 to accomplish two main objectives. These were to strengthen the movement and to expand the understanding of its motives and building a policy framework to regulate land based on the principal of equality. A number of activists and researchers took part in this meeting.

MONLAR, five provincial public planning societies and representatives from the estate sector played a major role in organizing the event. A number of land issues faced by people in Uva, Southern, Central, North Central and North Western provinces were discussed.

Loss of land due to Uma Oya project, sugar cane plantation project in Kotiyagala, Nilwala - Gin irrigation project, Yaan Oya irrigation project, land issues in Barandawatte, illegal encroachment of Rikillagaskada catchment area by a politician, issues ariseb due to mass scale granite and soil excavation in Mahagommunnakanda, the loss of land due to development projects in Hambantota were widely discussed. Moreover presentations on resolving the land issues in the estate sector were a special part of the meeting.

The meeting greatly assisted in strengthening the movement by giving those who work in different parts of the country an opportunity to exchange ideas.

ඉඩම් අයිතිවාසිකම් පිලිබඳ ජනතා සමුළුව-සිංහල වාර්තාව

Peoples' Convention on the Right to Land -English Report