Need a political solution to build food sovereignty!

Press Release

October 16, 2019.

Movement for Land and Agricultural Reform

The World Food Day is celebrated on October 16. According to the United Nations, this year’s theme is “Our Actions Are Our Future. Healthy Diets for A #ZeroHunger World" which seeks to eradicate hunger by 2030. Erroneous policies they executed through the Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development Goals failed to eradicate hunger. In 2018 a population of 820 million was hungry. It is as high as 10.7% of the total world population of 7.6 billion. Now they ask us to wait till 2030. It is evident that the efforts of the powerful in the world are futile and that they cannot eradicate hunger.

The oppressed people and the small producers are increasingly exploited by the food production which revolves around the Multi-National Companies and determined by the market. This process provides them with no concessions. It has jeopardized livelihoods and resources of 72% of small food producers across the world.

On the World Food Day, Movement for Land and Agricultural Reform together with other organizations across the world in solidarity with us, declare that food sovereignty along with a system of agroecology can overcome world hunger.

To do this, we need to transform the state economic and agricultural policies which would hand over the ownership of food production to small producers, small farmers and people by eliminating the dependency on the international finance institutions and multi-national companies.

In this encounter, we urgently need agrarian reforms. These reforms are needed to amend the tax policy, to abolish free trade agreements, revise land laws, assure ownership of seeds, to prevent the commodification of water, to dispense with the conditions placed by the international financial institutions as well as to take actions against the corporate dominance.

Only farmer-centric agriculture reforms could facilitate such a transformation, and we would like to point out that it needs not only a political change but a complete transformation of the social system.

We do not have a World Food Day to celebrate. We urgently need to instigate a common struggle to ascertain the right to food of everyone, including the farmers who are victimized by the disasters brought about by the current policy.